Coordinates40 21.791, -082 40.180
CountryUnited States


Bedford Reservation118.00111.2910.886.32
Public Hunting Area- North Bend And West Benk Area118.10105.0012.7710.08
Bradley Woods Metropark118.50113.5010.979.55
Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve118.74-6.05-
"Great Trees Of Ohio" Will Blozan Trip.119.44106.4218.5014.67
Riddle Nature Preserve119.86-8.40-
Along The Vermillion River120.92-0.00-
Rocky River Upland Forest121.60114.3710.807.65
Ohio Single Tree Sites121.74110.1120.5217.63
Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, OH123.14115.888.776.13
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