Coordinates38 55.209, -080 10.913
CountryUnited States


Blennerhassett Island State Historical Park116.1898.5313.8810.72
Forks Of Coal State Natural Area109.6899.728.367.01
Stern-Marlan Tract - Bottomland111.64100.5510.128.02
Wood County Single Tree Sites106.54102.1118.5316.62
Bottomland Along North Fork Of Hughes River122.10102.139.197.23
Stern Tract - Upland108.00102.189.167.82
J. T. J. Preserve - Bottomland109.14102.599.117.55
J. T. J Preserve - Upland Site108.92102.9610.439.25
Red Ash Island117.58103.368.686.59
Willowbrook Ravine111.28104.7411.299.45
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